Online Private Lesson

  • We will send youworksheets(PDF) andhomeworkas PDF.
  • Free trial lesson available.
  • Schedule
    We recommend that you set up a fixed day and time to guarantee your specific time slot and teacher.
  • Day & Time
    Classes may be scheduled between 8:00 and 21:30 (weekdays) and between 10:15 and 16:45 (Saturdays) in Japan time.
    Please let us know your desired time.
  • Level
    For any level (from Beginner to Advanced)
  • Eligibility
    16 years or older
  • Purpose
    Daily conversation, business conversation, and/or preparation for the Japanese Proficiency Test.
  • Textbook and Program of Study
  • Tuition FeeTuition fee

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  • No registration fee.
  • Payment method
    ・Bank transfer
    ・PayPal (5% handling fee will be added)
     If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay with PayPal using your credit card.
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    <From overseas>
    ・Bank transfer (A handling fee of 4,000 yen in Japan and a handling fee of a transit bank outside Japan will be added. In some cases, additional fees may be charged for transit banks in Japan and overseas.)
    ・PayPal (5% handling fee will be added)
     If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay with PayPal using your credit card.
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  • Cancellation
    ・For Tuesday - Saturday classes, cancellations should be made by 6:00 pm(Japan time) the day before your scheduled class.
    ・For Sunday and Monday classes, cancellations should be made by 3:00 pm(Japan time) on the Saturday.
    ・Cancellations of classes scheduled for the day following school or national holidays should be made by 6:00 pm in Japan time (Mon.- Fri.) or 3:00 pm in Japan time (Sat.) on the last non-national holiday.
    ・Otherwise, you will be charged for the lesson.


1. Questionnaire
Fill out this form
2. Interview, Level Check
By Skype/Zoom, about 30 min.
3. Arrangement
We will arrange a free trial lesson for your desired schedule. The teacher in charge will perform the trial lesson.
4. Free Trial Lesson
About 15 min.
5. Start Lesson
The balance of the tuition fee should be settled by cash or bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards.

Students' voice

  • MLC is a fantastic school that is very prompt and responsive to a student's needs. After nearly 2 years of Skype lessons I have moved to Tokyo for work, and I have been set on the road to success. I have been self-sufficient and confident that my language skills will allow me to handle most day to day encounters with minimal problems.
    My lessons have always been suited to my specific goals, and my highly skilled sensei has worked with me to ensure that each lesson is quite valuable. MLC is one of the most important keys to my success.
  • "Skype Business lessons have given me the confidence, as well as, the tools to communicate with my colleagues effortlessly. Thank You MLC!"
  • "MLC skype lessons are very convenient, I can learn at my own pace and can get various information about Japan too. MLC People are very kind and my sensei is very cool. I have been taking skype lessons since 2012 and it's the best solution for me."
  • "Very helpful. Skype lessons have enabled me to learn Japanese despite my busy schedule."
  • "My teacher is always happy to answer questions about Japanese language or culture, and all the teachers are really nice and good at what they do."
  • "Skype lesson helps me passing the N1 exam in a year time. I learn quick in one on one teaching. I also learn about Japanese culture and life style, those are not on text books. Speaking fluent Japanese gives Me a good job and many good Japanese friends. All the teachers are really nice and good at what they do."
  • "I have been taking skype lessons for more than three years now. My lessons are always on Saturday. When I cannot have a lesson on Saturday, it has been no problem postpone the lesson, to choose the following day or the next week instead. We use books but I always get additional worksheets for each lesson and for my homework. All my exercises, homework and texts are thoroughly checked and corrected. I always get a good explanation when I made a mistake.
    My teacher is great. She can explain everything very well, so that I have no problems understanding difficult topics. She encourages me to talk and she answers all my questions. She is always friendly and helpful and just a wonderful person. Thanks to her teaching I was able to pass the JLPT N4 test.
    The skype lessons are a great way to get into contact with such an experienced and capable teacher and to enjoy single lessons. It is very useful especially when there is no possibility to find such a teacher in your hometown or nearby the place you live. I highly recommend these skype lessons. The teaching, the support and the whole team are superb. "