• JLPT N2 or higher level
  • Those who can read 1,500-2,000 Kanji characters.
  • Those who would like to be able to read newspapers, documents, magazines and books
Focus and Achievement Goals
  • The focus is on conversation, reading, writing and Kanji.
  • Reading newspapers, magazines and books. Reading, summarizing and discussing newspapers, magazines and books.
After the level check, we will determine the textbooks to be used.

Main textbook: Example

Number of lessons required
90 minutes lesson x 15~30 time
(varies depending on the learner's situation, frequency of lessons, and length of each lesson)
しる 〈初めての雪〉
いたわる 〈春の一日〉
ならう 〈そば屋の先生〉
4 よみとる 〈記事の裏側〉
5 第5課 さばく 〈裁判員のもやもや〉
6 うやまう 〈ガイドさんの宗教〉
7 ふせぐ 〈並ぶ文化〉
8 もてなす 〈ローソクの島〉
9 よびかける 〈一茶の目〉
10 えらぶ 〈自らの選択〉
11 いかす 〈もったいない話〉
12 つなぐ 〈折り鶴〉
13 たのしむ 〈なりわい〉
14 きたえる 〈健康な社会〉
15 いきる 〈ひとつの地球〉

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