Let's learn Japanese.

The Japanese language school, Meguro Language Center (in Tokyo) was established in 1990 and since then has been attended by students from all over the world. We can offer English-speaking students part-time group lessons (conversation, business, JLPT), one-to-one lessons, intensive course, Online lesson (by Skype), and on-site lessons.

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Features of the MLC Meguro Language Center in Tokyo

  • Japanese Language School in Tokyo, for English speakers.
  • No registration fee
  • Free trial lesson
  • Private, Group, On-site and Online (Skype) lessons are available.
  • You can download lots of free study materials.(Worksheets, audio files, Free E-mail lesson)
  • 3 min. from Meguro station.(Easy to commute from Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Hiroo, Azabu, Shinagawa, Gotanda, Ebisu)
  • No worries even if you are beginner!
    Since we use English at first to make lessons more effective and productive, you can take a class in a less stressful atmosphere. As the lessons progress, we use much more Japanese.
  • Original materials
    We use lots of MLC-produced materials to practice more effectively besides the textbooks. Lots of original worksheets, homework and quizzes are also used.
  • We can offer you the most suitable course.
    We have an interview with each student at first. So we ask you about your learning experience, objectives, course of interest, your availability and so on. Then we check your grammar level, speaking level and Kanji level. After the interview, we suggest the most suitable course and lesson plan for you.
  • Daily conversation, business conversation, preparation for JLPT
    We can offer various kinds of courses to suit a student's needs. For example, those who want to study Japanese for the first time, those who want to improve total communication in Japanese, those who require business Japanese, or those who want to pass JLPT. You can choose the course based on your own needs.
  • Convenient location
    Japanese Language School, MLC Meguro Language Center is located three minutes' walk from Meguro station in Tokyo. It is more conveniently located when compared to other schools in Tokyo. You can drop by and take a lesson on your way home or while you are sightseeing.
  • Free Wi-Fi

Free Study Materials

For Japanese learners all over the world! You can download study materials for free. Plenty of free study materials such as worksheets (PDF files), quizzes, lists, audio files are available for free.We also share worksheets to help you pass the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). Level check, worksheets, grammar quizzes and Kanji quizzes are available. Let's learn Japanese!

How to start learning Japanese  
Hiragana and Katakana Free worksheet, Free e-mail lesson
Kanji Level check, Radicals, Books, Lists, Quizzes
Basic Kanji 120 Free e-mail lesson
What's JLPT? Level, study plan, Online self level check
Survival Japanese Basic structures, Self-introduction, Useful daily expressions
Vocabulary Useful words
は/が How to use は(wa) and が(ga)
Counters How to count people, animals, books, long objects, small objects ...
JLPT QUIZ Kanji and Grammar for N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1
Numbers, o'clock, Minute(s), Hour(s), Month of the year, Date, Day of the week
Family, Friend, ..san/...kun/...chan, Season, Calculation
Go/Come, Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow, Directions, 40 verbs
Quizzes, ...ne/...de, 5W1H, Let's ..., Frequency, every ...
but, Particles, ko/so/a/do, 1/2, give/receive, want to
Adjectives, Extent, How much/many/long ...? Connective, Adverb
Te-form, Please, I know./I don't know. Listening practice (te-form)
N5 Vocabulary Free E-mail Lesson,「は」と「が」, Plain forms, Modifying the noun, 113 verbs, Shopping Words, Medial Vocabulary and Phrases
or, but, Listening Practice (Level 1 and 2)
自動詞と他動詞、Potential form, Volitional form, 346 verbs, 複合動詞(verb+verb)
受身(うけみ passive)、使役(しえき causative)、敬語(けいご)、JLPT N4 Kanji Quiz 34 days free e-mail lesson
have to, よう/みたい/そう/らしい、~んです、~ので、~のに
Listening Practice
Adj.のconnective, ~前に、~のに、~だけ/しか/も、~ましょう、 ~ことができます、 ~ので、 なにか/どこか/だれか/いつか
~たら if、~たら when、~と思います、~かどうかわかりません、~にします、Modifying the noun
Study Plan, Verb forms, 「は」と「が」
こと、~さ、 ~について、~によって、 ~に関して、 の
~かわりに、 ~べき、~わけではない、~ことはない、 ~はず、~はずがない、おかげで、めったに~ない
命令形(めいれいけい)、 ~によって、~さえ~ば、~わけにはいかない、~とはかぎらない、ついでに
Study Plan, N2に出た漢字・ごい・文法
漢字クイズ 44 days Free e-mail lesson, 文法クイズ No.1-5
Study Plan, N1に出た漢字・ごい・文法
文法クイズ No.1-5
 Business Japanese
Business Dialogues for JLPT N4 level
Business Japanese for JLPT N3-N1 level ① 敬語にしましょう。 ② ビジネスメール ③ プレゼンテーション
Recommended Books for Grammar, Conversation, Business Japanese and JLPT