How to start learning Japanese

1. How about start learning Hiragana and Katakana?

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What are Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji?
A phonetic syllabary. Used for words of Japanese origin.
For example particles, nouns, (part of) verbs, (part of) adjectives, and (part of) adverbs.

(1) for words of foreign origin
(2) for onomatopoeia e.g. ワンワン(wanwan) = bowwow
(3) for the names of some animals and insects
(4) for the emphasis of some words e.g. それはダメです。(Sore wa dame desu.) = That is NO GOOD.

Chinese characters used for the words of both Chinese and Japanese origin.
Most of Kanji have two or more readings.

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1) At first, learn Hiragana (Learn Katakana later)

2) Memorize 48 Hiragana characters roughly
* Do not have to be perfect but remember 48 characters over all.
* Do not spend too long to cover 48 characters, but memorize in one or two weeks.

3) Use Hiragana in writing. Keep writing short simple sentences.
* Reading practice is good, but writing is more effective.
* If you can write, you can read.


2. Study with some textbook.

We recommend "Japanese For Busy People 1, Kana version" (in Hiragana and Katakana)
"Japanese For Busy People 1, Romanized version" (in Roman character)

Recommended books (links to Amazon Japan)


Free Japanese Language Study Materials

There are tons of Free Japanese Language Study Materials on our school website.

3. If you want, take MLC lessons.

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