Pre-intermediate Course - Currently new arrangements for this course are suspended. Please use the online course.

2-4 students per class. Small class sizes give you maximum speaking practice!
  • This course is for those who can get along in everyday conversation and can correctly explain themselves in most situations.
  • Candidates for this course should have knowledge of Japanese verb form. (Verb dictionary form, te-form, nai-form, conditional-form, potential-form, volitional-form)
Focus and Achievement Goals
  • The focus is on conversation. Also you learn 320 Kanji characters.(option)
  • Using expressions of condition, leaving & taking messages, passive and causative, transitive and intransitive verbs, Keigo(term of respect) etc,.
  • Using polite expressions required in business situations.
"Japanese for Busy People Vol.3" (by Kodansha International)
Japanese for Busy People 3 with Audio CD
Program of study
part 1
Chapter Class Grammar Points
1-4 「~でしょう」、「~だろう」
「~そうです」(I heard)
「[feeling] がします」、「[time] がします」、「[accessory] をします」
「[occupation] をします」、「[cost] します」
5-8 「~はずです」、「~らしいです」(seems)
「~のに」(in spite of)
「~という+[noun]」、「~として」 (as)
9-12 「~ため(に)」(cause)
「~ようになります」(become possible)
4 13-16 [verb]+ こと」(Nominalizing sentences)
5 17-20 「~ています」、「~ていました」
「~ため(に)」(in order to)
6 20-24 「~ても」(even if)
「~なくてもいいです」 、「~たり、~たりします」
「~ことになります」(to be decided)、「~ことにします」(I decide)
「かき なおします」(Verb + Verb)
7 24-27 「~てあげます/くれます/もらいます」
part 2
Chapter Class Grammar Points
8 1-4 うけみ (Passive)
「[Volitional form] とおもいます」、「~あいだ(に)」
9 5-8 しえき (Causative)
しえきうけみ (Causative Passive)
「~たがって います」(wants to ...)
10 9-12 けいご(1) (humble, respect) 「いらっしゃいます」、「うかがいます」、「まいります」
けいご(2) 「お~になります」、「お~します」
けいご(3) 「ご/お~なさいます」、「お/ご~します」
11 13-16 「~ように つたえてください」
めいれいけい (Plain imperatives)
けいご(4) うけみけいを つかったけいご
12 16-19 「(~は)~からです」 (reason)
かきことば (Written Styles)、はなしことば (Spoken Styles)
13 20-22 「なんにんも」、「~しだい」、「~たばかり」
14 23-25 「~まして、~」、「もうしあげます」
15 23-27 「~ば~ほど」、「~ほど~ない」
  • One lesson is 90 min., 3,960 yen (10% tax included)
  • No Registration Fee
  • The minimum number of students for each class is two. Maximum is four. A group lesson can be started whenever two students are enrolled.
  • Have no one to study with? No problem. We'll match you up with a student of the similar level who can work on the same schedule as you.
  • Fixed schedule course.
  • Tution fees (10% tax included)
    Pre-intermediate Course Part 1 (Chapter 1-7)
    Course Term Tuition Fee
    Two times a week about 3.5 months
    (27 lessons)
    106,920 yen
    Three times a week about 2 months
    (27 lessons)
    106,920 yen
    Pre-intermediate Course Part 2 (Chapter 8-15)
    Course Term Tuition Fee
    Two times a week about 3.5 months
    (27 lessons)
    106,920 yen
    Three times a week about 2 months
    (27 lessons)
    106,920 yen

    Textbook is not included.


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Students' voice

  • "MLC seemed very organized with both a written and an oral level test to ensure I’d be placed properly, and the trial lesson was helpful to understand what to expect. I also liked how MLC matched both my level of Japanese, and my schedule for a group class."
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