High-beginner's Course - Currently new arrangements for this course are suspended. Please use the online private course.

2-4 students per class. Small class sizes give you maximum speaking practice!
  • This course is for those who have had at least 50 previous class hours of Japanese language study.
  • Besides simple everyday conversation, candidates for this class should be able to make basic responses even if they cannot fully and correctly express themselves yet.
Focus and Achievement Goals
  • The main focus is on conversation, but writing and reading skills are required.
  • Using various verb forms.
  • Using both polite and casual language and expressions in daily conversation.
  • Using expressions of comparison (... yori ... no hou ga ...), experience(...ta koto ga arimasu), advice(...ta hou ga iidesu. ...nai hou ga iidesu.), reported speech(... to itte imashita.), thought(... to omoimasu), etc.
"Japanese for Busy People Vol.2" (by Kodansha International)
Japanese for Busy People 2
Program of study
Part 1
Chapter Lesson Grammar Points
1-4 “somewhere, anything, anyone...” (dokoka, nanika, dareka...)
“I would like ...” (...ga ii desu.)
Comparisons (...yori ...no hou ga ..., ...no naka de ...ga ichiban....)
“try” (...te mimasu.)
4-7 I would like to .. but...?.”(...tain desu ga....)
Comparisons (...wa...yori ...., ...wa... de ... ichiban....)
“choosing and decision” (...ni shimasu.)
8-11 Connecting noun sentences (...de, ...desu.)
Connective form of adjectives (...kute, ...de)
Completion and result (...te imasu.)
“go to do ...” (...ni ikimasu.)
4 11-14 Plain present forms (Dictionary form, Nai-form)
[verb] + ndesu.
“...times per...” (...ni...kai)
5 15-17 Plain past forms (Ta-form, “Nakatta”-form)
Experience (...ta koto ga arimasu.)
6 18-21 Adverbs (...ku, ...ni)
“go, do something and return” (...te kimasu.)
“should do, should not do” (...ta hou ga ii desu/...nai hou ga ii desu.)
“not yet” (mada...te imasen.)
[adj./noun] + ndesu.
7 21-24 “before” ([dictionary form] + mae ni)
“after” (...te kara)
“when” ([noun] no toki, [adj.] toki)
8 24-27 “[adv.]+become” (...ku/ni narimasu)
“when” ([verb] + toki)
Plain forms of adjectives and of nouns (Oishii. Benri da. Ame da.)
“I think ...” (...to omoimasu.)
“... said” (...to itte imashita.)
Part 2
Chapter Lesson Grammar Points
9 1-3 Modifying the noun (Patii ni kita hito)
Nominalizing sentences ([verb] + no)
10 4-6 (...node)
Potential form (nomemasu, taberaremasu)
11 7-10 Volitional form (...u/you to omotte imasu.)
Te-form indicating reason (...te/de)
Quoted yes/no question (...ka/...ka dou ka)
12 10-13 Expressing uncertainty (...kamo shire masen.)
“when” (...tara)
13 14-17 Describing a change in state (...te kimashita.)
“if” (...tara)
14 17-20 “when” (...tara...mashita.)
Regret/completion (...te shimaimashita.)
“if” (...ba)
15 21-24 “when, if” (...to)
“have to” (...nakereba narimasen.)
  • One lesson is 90 min., 4,400 yen (10% tax included)
  • No Registration Fee
  • The minimum number of students for each class is two. Maximum is four. A group lesson can be started whenever two students are enrolled.
  • Fixed schedule course.
  • Tution fees (10% tax included)
    High-beginner's Course Part 1 (Chapter 1-8)
    Course Term Tuition Fee
    Two times a week about 3.5 months
    (27 lessons)
    118,800 yen
    Three times a week about 2 months
    (27 lessons)
    118,800 yen
    High-beginner's Course Part 2 (Chapter 9-15)
    Course Term Tuition Fee
    Two times a week 3 months
    (24 lessons)
    105,600 yen
    Three times a week 2 months
    (24 lessons)
    105,600 yen

    Textbook is not included.


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Students' voice

  • "I enjoy my lessons very much and I am happy with my progress. My teacher is very good and so are the materials we use in class. The office staff are also always friendly and helpful."
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