Useful Daily Expressions (Hiragana)

  • おはようございます。= Good morning.
    (おはよう is from はやい early. おはようございます is like "You are early.")
  • こんにちは。= Good afternoon./Hello. (Used in a daytime)
    (こんにち = today, は is topic marker. こんにちは is a short of something like "How are you TODAY?")
  • こんばんは。 = Good evening.
    (こんばん = this evening/tonight, こんばんは is like "How are you TONIGHT?")
  • では、また。= See you again. (では = well then, また = again)
    じゃ、また。= See you again. (じゃ = casual of では)
    じゃあ(ね)。= See you. (more casual)
  • Q: (お)げんきですか。(お = polite) = How are you?
    A: ありがとうございます。げんきです。= Thank you. I'm fine.
    ("(お)げんきですか" is not used often, because "こんにちは" and "こんばんは" include "How are you?")
  • どうぞ。= Please. (Used when you offer something. ex. Here you are. Go ahead.)
  • すみません。= I'm sorry. Excuse me. Pardon?
  • ちょっとまってください。= Just a moment, please.
    (ちょっと = a little, まってください = please wait)
  • Q: だいじょうぶですか。= OK?
    A: だいじょうぶです。= OK
  • はい。= Yes.
  • いいえ。 = No.