Advanced Business Japanese Course - Currently new arrangements for this course are suspended. Please use the online private course.

2-4 students per class. Small class sizes give you maximum speaking practice!
  • Learners should be at N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or its equivalent.
  • This class is for those who can read about 1,000 Kanji characters. (→ Online Self Kanji Level Check)
Focus and Achievement Goals
  • The focus is on conversational expressions that can be used in actual business situations.
  • Using expressions and phrases that are thought to be indispensable for business on a functional and situational basis.

Kanji in Context
Kanji in Context
Program of study
Chapter Class Contents
1-2 アポイントメント
3-4 業務引き継ぎ
5-6 面会して交渉する
4 7-8 個人客からの苦情(1)
5 9-10 個人客からの苦情(2) 上司に引き継ぐ
6 11-12 トラブル処理(1)
7 13-14 トラブル処理(2) 上司への報告
8 15-16 謝絶する
9 17-18 インタビュー・取材
10 19-20 議論する
11 21-22 プレゼンテーション
12 23-24 Review
  • One lesson is 90 min., 4,400 yen (10% tax included)
  • No Registration Fee
  • The minimum number of students for each class is two. Maximum is four. A group lesson can be started whenever two students are enrolled.
  • Fixed schedule course.
  • Tution fees (10% tax included)
    Course Term Tuition Fee
    Once a week 6 months
    (24 lessons)
    105,600 yen
    Two times a week 3 months
    (24 lessons)
    105,600 yen
    Three times a week 1 month
    (24 lessons)
    105,600 yen

    Textbook is not included.
  • Discount


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If this is your first time Japanese learning, we will find someone at the same level for group.
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If you have learned Japanese, you will be asked to take a level check.
We will then make a lesson plan and find a suitable class for your level and schedule.
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Students' voice

  • "I enjoy me lessons very much and I am happy with my progress. My teacher is very good and so are the materials we use in class. The office staff are also always friendly and helpful."
  • "The small class size is conductive to learning, and the homework/MLC worksheets have helped me apply the concepts we learned in the classroom."