Intermediate Course - Online Group Lesson - Currently new arrangements for this course are suspended. Please use the online private course.

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2-4 students per class. Small class sizes give you maximum speaking practice!
  • This class is for those who know the grammar points of Japanese For Busy People Vol. 1, 2 and 3, have a confident grasp of everyday conversation, can fully express themselves, and can logically explain their opinions.
  • Candidates for this course should know over 300 Kanji characters. (→ Online Self Kanji Level Check)
Focus and Achievement Goals
  • The focus is on conversation. Also you learn 500-1,000 Kanji characters.
  • Comprehending long written passages.
  • Using idiomatic expressions and smoothly communicating with Japanese people.
"Intermediate Japanese" (by The Japan Times)
Intermediate Japanese Intermediate Japanese Workbook
Kanji in ContextKanji in Context
Program of study
Part 1
Chapter Class Contens
1-3 紹介/初めて人に会う
4-6 あいさつ言葉/あいさつをする
7-9 日本への留学/頼む
Studying abroad / Requesting
4 10-12 ホームステイ/許可をもらう
Home-stay / Asking for a permission
5 13-15 大学で/質問する。アドバイスを求める・与える
At a university / Question, Asking for a advice
6 16-18 レストランで/注文する。引用する。
At a restaurant / Ordering, Quoting
7 19-21 レクリエーション/人を誘う。人に誘われる。
Recreation / Inviting, Being invited
8 22-24 アルバイト探し/仕事を探す。
Looking for a part time job
Chapter Class Contents
9 1-3 贈り物/あげる。もらう。
Gift / giving and receiving
10 4-6 旅行/予約する。切符を買う。
Traveling / Reserving and buying a ticket
11 7-9 ホストファミリーとの問題/文句を言う。あやまる。
Problem with host family / Complaining and apologizing
12 10-12 病気になったら/病状を訴える。
Sickness / Complaining of the condition of a illness
13 13-15 日本語体験/過去の経験を述べる。
Japanese language experience / Expressing personal experience
14 16-18 日本の女性/自分の意見を述べる。
Japanese woman / Expressing personal opinion
15 19-21 ウチからみた日本、ソトから見た日本/インタビューする
Internationalization and friction / Explaining
16 22-24 Review
  • One lesson is 90 min., 3,960 yen (10% tax included)
  • No Registration Fee
  • The minimum number of students for each class is two. Maximum is four. A group lesson can be started whenever two students are enrolled.
  • Fixed schedule course  →  Group lesson schedule
  • Tution fees (10% tax included)
    Intermediate Course Part 1 (Chapter 1-8)
    Course Term Tuition Fee
    Once a week 6 months
    (24 lessons)
    95,040 yen
    Two times a week 3 months
    (24 lessons)
    95,040 yen
    Intermediate Course Part 2 (Chapter 9-15)
    Course Term Tuition Fee
    Once a week 6 months
    (24 lessons)
    95,040 yen
    Two times a week 3 months
    (24 lessons)
    95,040 yen

    Textbook is not included.


1. Questionnaire
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2. Interview, Level Check
By Skype, about 30 min.
3. Arrangement
We will find someone at the same level for the group.
4. Trial lesson
30 min.
5. Start Lesson

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Students' voice

  • "I enjoy my lessons very much and I am happy with my progress. My teacher is very good and so are the materials we use in class. The office staff are also always friendly and helpful."
  • "MLC has the best facilities, schedule flexibility, cost level of all the school I visited."
  • "MLC seemed very organized with both a written and an oral level test to ensure I’d be placed properly, and the trial lesson was helpful to understand what to expect. I also liked how MLC matched both my level of Japanese, and my schedule for a group class."
  • "Good, my teacher is really nice and patient."

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