Cancellation Policy for Regular Private Course

  • Schedule: Your class will be regularly booked as scheduled, unless you tell us to cancel. Please be sure to inform us of your cancellation in case you are unable to attend the class.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations should be made by 6:00 pm the day before your scheduled class. Otherwise, you will be charged for the lesson. For Monday classes, cancellations will be accepted until 3:00 pm on the Saturday before your scheduled lesson. Cancellations of classes scheduled for the day following school or national holidays should be made by 6:00 pm (Mon. – Fri.) or 3:00 pm (Sat.) on the last working day before the holiday.
  • Cancellation for Semi-private Lesson: Only whole class cancellation will be accepted. The lesson fee is charged per class, not person. To avoid the lesson fee for two, please confirm each other for the next class participation.

MLC Meguro Language Center
Address: NT Bldg. 3F, 1-4-11 Meguro Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-0063
Phone: 03-3493-3727
Hours: Monday-Friday; 8:00 am-9:30 pm, Saturday; 10:15 am-4:45 pm
Due to the teleworking, we may not be able to answer the phone even during business hours.
E-mail for cancelation: