What is JLPT?

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Japanese Language Proficiency Test

JLPT will be held twice a year. Respectively early Julyand early December.


Language Kowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) 60 points
Reading 110 min 60 points
Listening 60 min. 60 points
Total 170 min. 180 points
JLPT N1 Study Plan


Language Kowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) 60 points
Reading 105 min 60 points
Listening 50 min. 60 points
Total 155 min. 180 points
JLPT N2 Study Plan


Language Kowledge (Vocabulary) 30 min Voc. + Gr. =60 points
Language Kowledge (Grammar), Reading 70 min Reading = 60 points
Listening 40 min. 60 points
Total 170 min. 180 points
JLPT N3 Study Plan


Language Kowledge (Vocabulary) 30 min.
Language Kowledge (Grammar), Reading 60 min. 120 points
Listening 35 min. 60 points
Total 125 min. 180 points


Language Kowledge (Vocabulary) 25 min.
Language Kowledge (Grammar), Reading 50 min. 120 points
Listening 30 min. 60 points
Total 105 min. 180 points

JLPT official practice workbook

Instead of past paper, a JPLT mock examination booklet has been published in 2012. The questions published in this booklet are a mixture of the past paper questions extracted from JPLT 2010 /2011 while new designed questions are also be inserted. This mock examination booklet carries the same format and has same amount of questions as in the actual JPLT.