Survival Course (You can choose Group or Private Lesson)

This is an Instant Japanese Survival Course that enables students to enjoy daily life by learning minimum level of Japanese. Students will find this course especially useful and will become comfortable to communicate with local Japanese. You can instantly use simple Japanese in daily life activities such as shopping, taking public transport and eating in a restaurant, etc. Having finished this course, you will be able to express simple ideas to your Japanese friends. Come and join us, enjoy your communication in Japanese right after your first lesson with us.
This course will equip students with the Japanese language in the following areas:
  • Simple greeting
  • Self-introduction
  • Shopping
  • Ordering and payment at a restaurant
  • Expressions for train and taxi
This course is for those who are learning Japanese for the first time.
MLC original "Survival Japanese" (500 yen → FREE)

Group course:90 min. x 1 lesson, 6,600yen at SLC (in Shibuya)

SLC is an affiliated school with MLC, Meguro Language Center. You can take MLC’s Survival Japanese Lesson at SLC in Shibuya! Just call SLC at 03-4405-7684

Private course: 90 min. x 2 lessons, 15,400 yen at MLC (in Meguro)

2 of 90 min. lesson (Two lessons should be taken in two weeks)
MLC opens
Monday - Friday; 8:00 am - 9:30 pm (Class and Reception)
Saturday; 10:15 am - 4:45 pm (Class and Reception)
Please let us know your available time for the lessons. We will check our teachers schedule.
Tuition fee
15,400 yen (10% tax and textbook included)
  • Lesson-by-lesson payment is not accepted.
  • Your course schedule must be fixed in advance and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Any discount is not applicable to this course.
  • No Free Trial lesson: Please note that this is a special course with no trial lesson offered.
  • 1. Inquiry, Appointment: Please use inquiry form below or calling us on 03-3493-3727.
  • 2. Visit MLC for an interview. Fill in a questionnaire. Our counselor will give you a brief on the course details. Confirm the lesson schedule together. Full Lesson Fee settlement
    [Note] Both the interview process and lesson fee settlement need to be completed at least one day before the lesson begin.
  • 3. Lesson begins

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Students' voice

  • "I really like the teaching materials plus the atmosphere was very friendly."
  • "Coming from Europe I find Japanese culture a little bit distant and I felt MLC was very approachable and welcomed myself very friendly and open to my needs."
  • "Staff and teachers are really helpful and great. Private lessons are good as you can learn at your own pace."
  • "I really enjoy it. People are very friendly and speak good English (it is not true in all language school)."
  • "The staff were very friendly and easy to talk to and accommodated my schedule."