1. Hotels near MLC

  • Miyako Hotel Tokyo (TEL: 03-3447-311) High class hotel.
  • Hotel Mid In (TEL.: 03-3490-3111) In front of the school. (Webpages are in Japanese only.)
  • Meguro Gajoen Hotel (TEL: 03-3491-4111) High class hotel.
  • Hotel Wing International (TEL: 03-3779-6311) Very close to the station, 2 minutes from our school.
  • Hotel Abest (TEL: 03-3490-5566) 1 minute from our school and Meguro station.
  • Hotel Fukudaya (TEL: 03-3467-5833) A Japanese style hotel
  • Ryokan Sansuiso (TEL: 03-3441-7475, FAX: 03-3449-1944) This isn't a hotel but a ryokan that is a Japanese style inn, no bed but only tatami mat room. 5-6 minutes from Gotanda station which is one stop from Meguro station by JR Yamanote line. You can reserve either telephone or fax.
  • SAWANOYA (This ryokan, Japanese inn, not close to MLC.)
    Phone 03-3822-2251 Fax 03-3822-2252 Relax and enjoy in the traditional Japanese Inn, SAWANOYA located in "Shitamachi" of Tokyo where the traditional folksy life style is still preserved.
  • Tokyo Ryokan (near Asakusa, not close to MLC.)
    Tatami mat, wooden floor, washi paper, shikkui plaster wall, interior furniture are all made of natural materials, which helps you to feel like you are in the mother nature.
  • Lonely Planet Tokyo Hotels Hostels & Accommodation

2. Inn

3. Guest House

    Tokyo's No.1 Monthly Apartment and Guest house (Share house) agency for non-Japanese, serving for international community since 1993.
    Provides more than 1800 rooms in 200 locations all over in Tokyo area for people from 100 different countries.
    No key money, agent fee and guarantor. All rooms are furnished. Utility and Internet access are including in the rent.
    Hosting many regular Japanese cultural events with sister company Sakura Hotel for our residents to experience and share the memory! Open everyday between 8:50-20:00
  • BORDERLESS HOUSELet's room share with Japanese! - share house/ share flat/ guest house in Tokyo.
  • Koyomiya Clean & Cozy Shared House in Tokyo
  • J&F Plaza Guesthouse info.
  • Ten Ten Guest House One of the cheapest dormitories in downtown Tokyo.
  • Oak House 100 Guesthouses and dormitory accommodations in Tokyo and Yokohama!
    Single room from 55,000 yen/month; Well-furnished, A/C, refrigerator, bed and internet connection. Dormitory from 34,000yen/month; Shared-room with 4 to 8 people. Free PC in the lounge room!
  • Create Guest HouseComfortable share accommodations for reasonable prices
  • Tokyo City Apartments We are a TOKYO MONTHLY APARTMENT AND GUESTHOUSE REAL ESTATE AGENCY providing CHEAP accommodation since 1990. With approximately 800 rooms in almost 100 convenient locations throughout the city to choose from, we are committed to finding you a HOME away from your HOME.

4. Agency

  • PLAZA HOMES Information on apartments and houses to rent in the Tokyo area, properties for sale, offices for rent, and in general about life in Japan and the real estate market.
  • CleArth Monthly CleArth Monthly provides a wide choice of new, fully furnished flats for fixed-lease in Tokyo and neighboring business districts for short or long-term stay.
  • Japan Youth Hostels Inc.
  • Tokyo Room Finder Tokyo Room Finder (TRF) is a PORTAL SITE which supports mainly foreigners online. It is totally free to use for room/flat/apartment hunters who will stay in Tokyo more than 4 weeks.
    Tokyo Rent provides affordable apartments to the foreign community in Japan. As we own the majority of the buildings, we can offer our tenants flexible terms, without the need to pay key money, agent fees, or a guarantor. Most of our apartments are for a long term stay, a selection of which are leased out for a monthly stay and even weekly and daily stay.
  • Monthly Apartment Tokyoserviced apartments in Roppongi. Monthly Apartment Tokyo offers a wide range of short-term serviced apartments for foreign tourists and business travelers in Roppongi, Tokyo.
  • Fontana Apartments a company dedicated to finding the ideal apartment and/or guesthouse for our customer, currently renting out over 800 furnished rooms in over 80 convenient locations around and inside of central Tokyo. No Key Money, No Guarantor, Easy Move-in!
  • Social Apartment - Advanced & Smart Lifestyle Social apartment provides a luxurious lounge for people to gather and communicate everyday, and a personal bedroom for your complete privacy and comfort.

5. Workspace

  • Hub TokyoHub Tokyo is a global community for changemakers with mission and passion, to create workspace autonomously in more than 28 cities in the world. A trusted people's global community and its network will bring you a new opportunity to develop and grow your idea.

6. Visa information

9. Japanese Language

  • AnkiRemember Kanji by intelligently scheduling flashcards.
  • Hiragana Megane Enter the URL of the Japanese website.This system adds hiragana on the kanji.
  • Rikai Move the mouse over any Japanese word to see the reading and definition.
  • Reading TutorTo improve reading skills in Japanese. Japanese-English Dictionary Tool, Japanese-Japanese Dictionary Tool, Vocabulary Level Checker
  • Japanese Language Proficiency Test Information
  • NHK World Radio Japanese Lessons
  • A Select List of Japanese Language Study Sites
  • kanji-a-day.comLearn a new Kanji every day, preparation for the JLPT level 1,2,3,4. Kanji-quiz, forum, chat, dictionary, vocabulary and download -completely FREE
  • FUYO SOFTis the name of a project which wants to prepare original Japanese mangas together with language explanations ready to read on PCs as well as on small mobile devices like JAVA enabled cellular phones and PDAs.
  • Java Kanji Flashcards 500
  • Gakusoft (King Kanji is an extremely useful flash card style program that can be used for several purposes:
    - Vocabulary training with Japanese words in Hiragana / Katakana
    - Vocabulary training with Japanese words written in Kanji
    - Training for writing Kanji
    The program is available for Windows desktop computers as well as for PALM OS and Windows CE hand-helds. This makes the program applicable in places where you don't want to fiddle around with hundreds of flash cards, e.g. in the train, waiting for the bus, during a boring meeting (ahem ...), etc. Another big advantage of King Kanji is the fact, that you can prepare your own lessons with a simple Japanese text editor that can write plain text files using EUC encoding. This way you can prepare lists of vocabulary for special occasions, e.g. the Japanese language proficiency test. A free 30 day trial version of the program can be downloaded (Mr.Joerg Richter)
  • the JAPANES (1000 kanji list, RANDOMIZER & FLASHCARD PAGE)
  • Kanji Practice Offers a brush stroke image, a brief video clip demonstrating stroke order, sample sentences for On and Kun readings with accompanying audio clips.
  • Lingo24 Japanese-English, English-Japanese translation
  • Simultaneous TranslationUniVerse Language Solutions is dedicated to providing high quality simultaneous translation.

10. Spechial thanks