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Plenty of free Japanese study materials for reading, writing and listening from MLC Japanese Language School in Tokyo.
Feel free to use PDF, Flash and Audio formats to study grammar and vocabulary for conversation and JLPT preparation.

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Survival Japanese

Basic structures
Useful Daily Expressions etc.

Hiragana and Katakana

Master Hiragana - Free e-mail lesson
Master Katakana - Free e-mail lesson
Hiragana and Katakana tables


Kanji Level Check, Study Materials, Quiz, List
Master Basic Kanji 120 - Free e-mail lesson
Basic Kanji 320

What is JLPT?

Level Check
Study Plan
How to apply

JLPT N5 level

N5-01 Numbers, Hour(s), Minute(s), Day of the week, Date and Month, ○△×, Family, Calculation, Season, Calculation, ...san/...kun/...chan, I

N5-02 Ikimasu, Kimasu, Kaerimasu, "e" and "ni", "de", Listening practice

N5-03 Arimasu/Imasu, 40 verbs, [place]+de/[place]+ni, Particles, Interrogatives, "Let's ...", Frequency, ...ni/to aimasu

N5-04 Ko/So/A/Do, Family, 1/2, Listening practice

N5-05 Adjective, Extent, How much/many/long ...?, Agemasu/Moraimasu/Kuremasu, Let's ...

N5-06 Te-form, Please, I know. I don't know.

N5-07 Nai-form, "wa" and "ga"

N5-08 Particles, Dictionary form, Ta-form

N5-09 "wa" and "ga", Plain forms, Modifying the noun, Verb List, Grammar Quiz, Kanji Quiz

N5-10 Vocabulary E-mail lesson, Shopping words, Medial Vocabulary and Phrases

JLPT N4 level

N4-01 346 verbs for N4, Adjectives for N4, 「〜んです」「〜ので」「〜のに」「〜かた」

N4-02 Potential form, Volitional form, Listening practice

N4-03 「~たら」

N4-04 「~ば」

N4-05 「~と」

N4-06 「~なら」

N4-07 Business Dialogues

N4-08 「よう、みたい」、「そう、そう、らしい」、「〜ようになります」、「〜ために・〜ように」、「はず」

N4-09 自動詞と他動詞(v.i. and v.t.)、複合動詞(verb + verb)、「こそ」、「こそあど」、「〜には」、「もう、まだ」

N4-10 受身 (うけみ) passive, 使役(しえき) causative

N4-11 敬語(けいご)  Honorific language

N4-12 JLPT Quiz N4, Kanji Quiz for JLPT N4, JLPT N4 Kanji Quiz 34 days, Recommended Books

JLPT N3 level

Verb forms, N3漢字クイズ、「は」「が」、「こと」「さ」「〜について」「〜によって」「〜に関して」「〜の」

JLPT N2 level

N2の漢字、N2漢字クイズ、N2 Kanji Quiz 44 days、語彙リスト、文法のポイント、文法クイズ

JLPT N1 level




Japanese Lessons tailored for English Speakers, for Daily Conversation, business Japanese, and Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

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